«One thing is indisputable: Germana has been one of the few
fashion designers to approach with an interest that is always alive
and “up-to-date”– spontaneously updated – with the coeval manifestations of pure art».
Gillo Dorfles

Other artists Marucelli collaborated with include Massimo Campigli who, in addition to creating patterns for a 1951 collection, made a portrait of her that was exhibited at the Circolo della Stampa in Milan in 1953 during the group exhibition Il Ritratto della Signora Milanese dal Millenovecento ad oggi and Moreno.

jewellery and accessories

Germana Marucelli always believed that accessories should do more than complement dresses – they should, in fact, be an integral part of them. For this reason, she asked her contemporary artist friends to design jewellery lines that would enhance the significance of her dresses. This led to the creation of wonderful yet functional works of art that shifted the focus from the overall package to the single detail, as if to remind us that meaning lies not just in larger systems but also in sensitive details, in fragments.